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West Marine Technologies (WMT) specialises in the design and manufacturing of Launch and Recovery System (LARS) for underwater vehicles (ROV & AUV), unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and large undersea mining systems.
WMT is part of the West Marine group which also includes West Marine Engineering, West Marine System and Zhenjiang West Marine Equipment Co. Ltd. West Marine Group is a renowned designer and a manufacturer of lifting appliances in the marine and offshore industry.   It was founded in 2004 in Singapore and expanded to China in 2007. Over the years, it has built up strong track records as suppliers of lifting appliances for all types of offshore support vessels and drilling platforms.
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About Us

We are focused in the design, engineering and manufacturing of lifting equipment for the safe & efficient launch and recovery of all types of unmanned tethered or untethered underwater vehicles for the Marine, Oil & Gas and Renewable energy industries. We aim to deliver innovative solutions that translate to cost savings for the end users. We have design team located in Singapore and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Singapore and China.


Please see the Product page for list of current products. However, our product range is not limited to it. WMT is constantly working on enquiries from our partners and finding better solutions to all sorts of challenging requirements. We are eager to apply our technical capabilities to innovate, engineer and build products even if they are not within our current product catalogue. 


Having invested heavily in 3D modelling/simulation software and with a team of capable engineers, we having been providing a lot of engineering consulatancy services to our clients. We are experience the design of mechanical structure, winch drums, drives & gears, docking system for LARS, hydraulics system, electrical distribution system, PLC based control solution, SCADA, MMI, remote control, customer PCB based control solutions etc.

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