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West Marine Technologies (WMT) specialises in the design and manufacturing of Launch and Recovery System (LARS) for underwater vehicles (ROV & AUV), unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and large undersea mining systems. Our strongest area is in LARS for ROV. Our team of designers and engineers has strong experience in design every aspects of a LARS including; Structural Design, Hydraulics System Design, Electrical and Control System Design. 
We have staffs with years of offshore operation experience, hence we have first hand experience on the operation environment that our product will face.  We use superior 3D modeling and Simulation tool software in designing our products. We also leverage on a strong network of technical partners and supplier for ROV umbilicals, hydraulics pumps, hydraulics motors & cylinders, AHC controllers, PLC systems, Valves, Electrical Motors & Drives

Why choose us


  •  Strong Track Records

    Choose us because we have many years of experience in providing lifting systems for the marine and offshore industry
  •  Cost Efficiency

    We have a focused design team and production facilities in cost efficient locations, this enable us to save cost for our clients. 

  • Strong Technical Capabilities

    We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing mechanical structures, electrical and hydraulics winches, hydraulics power units, AHC systems etc. Our  client can be assured that the solutions provided will be reliable and technically sound. 

  •  Global Support Network

    We have strong present in China as well as a global network of after-sales support partners 

Our Partners

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About Us

West Marine Technologies

11, Woodlands Close, #05-27, Woodlands 11, Singapore 737853

T +65 6592 0896
M +65 9617 7958
E sales@wmt.com.sg



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