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LT Series Armoured Umbilical LARS

LT Series Armoured Umbilical LARS

LT Series ROV Launch and Recovery System (LARS) are intended for launch and recovery of TMS/ROV/Skid package with armored umbilical cable. These LARS are designed for 3g load / Sea State 6 operating condition.

Constant tension and Active Heave Compensation (AHC) options are available.

Auto level wind can accommodate different sizes of umbilical cable

Double linkage A-frame enabling long out-board reach and low stowed A-frame height

Sigle or daul electrical motors (100% redundancy) Hydraulics Power Unit (HPU)
Inductive Sensor / PLC control level wind

Main sheave with load pin / trans counter

Fail-safe and efficient docking latch. Quick and simple release and engagement of ROV bullet

Pneumatic/hydraulics based motion damper

Zoning:                                      Safe Area or Zone 2

Operating Temperature:       0°C to +45°C or -20°C to +45°C

Certification:                           Class Approved or DNV 2.7.1, DNV 2.22, 3rd Party                                                                                                            

                                                   WitnessedLoad Test Certs

Other optional features include:

Remote Control:                     Wired or Radio Remote Control Belly Box
HPU Oil Tank:                         Painted Steel or SS316
Hydraulics Tubing:                Painted Steel Tube or SS316
Hydraulics Fitting:                 Steel or SS316
HPU Cooling:                          Water or Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Umbilical Cable Drum:         Flat or Grooved (Lebus)

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Standard sizes LT Series LARS are as follows:

A-frame SWL




Winch Capacity

1200m of 37mm OD

1800m of 37mm OD

3600m of 37mm OD

HPU Rating




3Te to 13Te SWL variants can be easily accommodated. 


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